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Autel Robotics' Rugged Bundle and iOS Explorer app now available

Autel Robotics introduces its new EVO Rugged Bundle kit designed with First-Responders, Law Enforcement, and Commercial application in mind. The Rugged Bundle offers a SKB military-grade hard case, rated MIL-C-4150J, that protects your gear from water and dust. The custom-designed foam insert from GPC allows space to carry your EVO aircraft, up to three additional batteries, remote controller, charger, propellers, and up to a 10" tablet.


The EVO Rugged Bundle Includes:

• EVO (Aircraft, Battery, Propellers)
• Remote Controller
• 32 GB MicroSD card
• Pair of spare propellers (1 CW, 1 CCW)
• Charger
• OTG Micro USB & OTG USB-C Cables
• Micro USB (Used to charge controller)
• Two (2) Additional Batteries
• Safety & Quick Start Documents


Autel Explorer App now available for iOS users


iOS users rejoice! The Autel Explorer app is now available for download for your iPhone in the iOS App Store. Search “Autel Explorer” and download the FREE app now to access autonomous intelligent flight modes and more advanced settings for EVO.

A version of the Autel Explorer app is currently in development and coming soon for iPad users.



Autel Robotics USA is an emerging technology company based in Bothell, Washington. With seven-day-a-week customer support, the company is dedicated to providing users with the best possible experience.


Few to do's for the


1) At the very bottom "customer support" points here still:

2) Kestrel to the drones menu

3) Support for EVO and X-Star

4)The downloads page we still have this below linking back to

5)Under the accessories tab if you highlight over EVO Accessories both EVO and X-Star show up. Nuke both of those and just have people click on EVO Accessories to get to the link just as it is with X-Star

There may be more but that's what I've found thus far.